Starting this month, we will be posting monthly product updates here in our help centre so you can stay up to date with all the latest developments at Accurx. We will include both product improvements as well as Accurx hacks (borrowed from the term life hacks, Accurx hacks is a term we coined to describe the ways you are using Accurx to make your work more efficient) you’ve shared with us on Twitter and in our community on Facebook.

A little background on how we approach product development: We use the agile method, meaning we release what is sometimes referred to as a minimal viable product and then build additional features based on feedback we receive from you, our users. Curious about why we use this approach? Check out this blog post.

Big thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to speak with us and got in touch to let us know how we can improve - we’re listening!

Keep reading to see our latest updates and Accurx hacks 👇

Video consultations

Update: We’ve added the ‘Join video consultation now’ button so you can easily join from your desktop. You will also automatically be sent to a supported browser! We’ve also updated our team usage page to include video stats!

Accurx Hack: Has your patient asked to join from their computer or tablet? Invite them, just like you would invite a colleague by following these steps.

Document attachment

Update: You can now attach documents directly from EMIS/SystmOne!

Accurx Hack: Need a way to attach a document to a template? Try this!

Patient responses

Updates: Patients can now reply with up to 5 photos, which are automatically resized before you save them to EMIS/SystmOne. You can also delete sensitive photos from your Accurx inbox. And finally, we’ve added this article to our help centre, so you can see what patients are sent before sending photos. While asking for consent to store images has always been something we’ve done, we understood from messages we received from you that this wasn’t clear, so we wanted to make sure you had access to this content 👇

Accurx Hack: If you’re worried about a response getting missed after you leave for the day or on your day off, ask your colleagues to join a team so they’ll get notifications. We recommend team members aiming for ‘inbox zero’ by archiving responses after they’ve been actioned - it will remove the notification from colleague’s toolbar and help keep the inbox tidy!

New SNOMED codes

Update: New SNOMED codes have been added to the "Manage Templates" page for you to create new templates with.

Accurx Hack: If you can’t see the SNOMED code you want, chat with our support team to request it! We update our SNOMED code library every few weeks!

If you have any questions click the message icon below to chat with a member of the team! 😀

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