Currently there isn't a direct way to email patients via accuRx, but you can share the patient's unique video invite link with them using your own email account (or the practices email account) after the video link has been generated in the Chain toolbar. 😀

To generate the unique video invite link for the patient:

1) Use the normal method of sending the patient a video invite via SMS. You can always edit the text message to tell the patient that you will also be sending them an email.

2) Once the SMS has been sent to the patient, you'll see a "Copy link" button. This will appear right after you send the message, or you can navigate to it by following the instruction for viewing the patient's message history. The image below shows what it looks like. 😊

3) Click the button, open up your email account and paste the link into an email to the patient

4) The patient will then be able to access the call when they enter this link into a web browser (ie. Google Chrome). They'll be able to enter the call via any device with access to a supported web browser, including a laptop, computer, tablet or ipad! 🎉

If you have any questions or need help, just chat to us below!

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