This article is for people who are considering starting to use Accurx Web, and want to know a bit more, or need information to send to their management team/IM&T department.

Accurx Web allows you to easily video call, text your patients or view their patients' GP records from either your mobile or desktop. Accurx Web is web-based, so you don’t need to install or download any software and patients don’t need to download an app (you send a video call link via SMS). Accurx Web is free to help the NHS respond to COVID-19.

Over 150 NHS Trusts, as well as many other NHS organisations, are already using Accurx Web and we have seen many use cases from all corners of the health system including:

  • Virtual Outpatient clinics

  • Virtual visiting/difficult conversations with relatives/NOK (better than a phone call)

  • Quick SMS updates to relatives from ITU/inpatient wards

  • Calls for up to 4 (patient + relative/another HCP, interpreters, supervision)

  • View a patient's latest GP records

Seeking approval from your organisation

Accurx Web is an NHS approved supplier for video consultations and we adhere to NHS best practices on Information Governance and data security. If you would like to use Accurx Web, you should discuss this with your Trust/management in your organisation. Your IM&T department may ask for a copy of our Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), which can be found here.

Creating an account and getting started

If you have an NHS email address affiliated with your Trust, you can simply sign in at If you work for a different type of NHS provider or if your email is affiliated with a second NHS employer, you might be asked to create an account first.

You can test out Accurx Web using some test patient details (NHS Number 7777777777, any DOB) and you should check which browser will work best for you and your patients here (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android, Chrome or Firefox on desktop).

🔔 Once you've searched for the patient, you'll have the option to send SMS messages, video consultation invites and request to view the patient's GP medical record!

We are here to help! You can contact our Support team here or review our FAQ articles here. If your Trust would like to speak with us, contact

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