How do I see previous emails that have been sent by the practice?

Healthcare messenger has three folder views that are displayed on the left hand side when the email icon is opened:

  1. Practice Inbox; where all replies are received and open email threads can be viewed.
  2. Sent messages; where all outgoing emails sent by the practice can be viewed.
  3. Done; where all closed email threads that have been marked as ‘done’ can be viewed.

How do I save email communications to the patient record?

All outgoing emails initiated by the practice are saved to the patient record when the first email is sent.

When a reply is received, you can action the email in one of three ways:

  1. Reply and save to record - when you want to reply and save the email thread to the patient record.This will keep the email in the practice inbox. 
  2. Save to record - when you have received a reply to your original email and do not need to reply back. This will keep the email in the practice inbox. 
  3. Mark as done - when you wish to mark the email communication as closed/resolved but do not want to save the communication to the patient record. This will move the email from the Practice inbox to the Done folder. 
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