This article refers to accuRx Chain, our downloaded toolbar that runs alongside EMIS/SystmOne.

Viewing patient responses

Responses from patients will appear in your accuRx toolbar, this includes:

(You will also be able to view any failed SMS notifications in a similar way)ย 

To get an overview of all responses to you or to the practice, click on the Inbox icon on your toolbar and then navigate to the "All" folder.

Can't access the Inbox? Follow these instructions.

(Note: you might see some extra folders and they might be listed slightly differently in your own Inbox, that's not a problem! ๐Ÿ˜Š Just keep on reading for more on this...)

Different types of responses from patients (and failed SMS notifications) are grouped under different folders:

  • Florey Survey responses are grouped by type of survey (e.g. responses to asthma questionnaires are grouped under "Asthma Team", responses to Flu Vaccine Invite surveys are grouped under "Vaccinations Team" etc....)
  • Patient replies (including photos) to other SMS messages come back to the user that sent the original message. These are the SMS messages where you've selected the "allowed patient to respond once (with text or photo)" option.
  • Failed SMS notifications are grouped under "Failed"

What is the difference between "My Teams" or "Other Teams"?

Whether a particular folder appears under "My Team" or "Other Teams" will control how you get notifications on your toolbar about the responses for that folder.

The notifications we are referring to here are the notifications which appear as a red circle on your initials as shown below.ย 

ย This article explains more about this.

To change whether a particular folder appears under "My Team" or "Other Team", you can use the "Join team" and "Leave team" blue buttons while in the folder.

Please note: all users in the practice will always be able to view all incoming patient responses into the practice (regardless of who sent the initial text/survey to the patient). Team set up will only affect how a user gets red notifications for new responses for that team.

How do I add/remove staff from teams?
Each individual user can individually control which team they are part of by clicking on the "Join Team" or "Leave Team" in their patient thread. ย This means each individual user can control how they get notifications about responses in their own toolbar. ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

At present each user is able to control the teams they are part of on their own, as we don't support the ability for particular users to add or remove other users to teams.

Can I create my own teams?
This isn't something we support right now but we are looking at making improvements to help practices better manage responses from patients.ย 

If I'm away will someone else be able to view my responses?
Yes, anyone at a practice can view all messages in the "All" folder.

Actioning patient responses

How to save responses to the record
Both Florey survey responses and replies to other SMS messages can be saved to the record (this now also includes photo replies ๐ŸŽ‰). Click here to learn more about how to save Florey responses, and here for replies to other SMS messages. (Note: failed SMS message notifications can't currently be saved to the record).

How can I remove a reply to an SMS messages/Florey Survey or a Failed SMS message from its folder?
If you would like to mark a reply or failed SMS as "done" or "complete", you can click "Done" to move these messages to the "Done" folder.

To do this, click on "Done" as shown in the image below. ๐Ÿ‘‡ย 

Note: You can not mark as done from the central pane for "Other Teams" or "All" folders.

Do I need to mark a response/failed message as "unread" for other users?

Simply viewing a response to an SMS/Florey Survey or a Failed SMS message will not remove the red notification on the toolbar for other users in your practice if they were already set up to receive red notifications for that particular type of response/failed message. E.g. If you click on a notification and view a response to an asthma questionnaire, any other members of the "Asthma Team" in your practice will still see the little red notification on their toolbar.ย 

In order to remove the red notification for other users, the response/failed message, needs to be marked as "Done".ย 

To "Re-Open" a response (and mark it as unread for other users in your practice), follow the steps below... ๐Ÿ‘‡ย 

I've accidentally marked a message as "Done," how can I find this?
You can always view and bring back a Done response. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

As shown in the image below:

  1. Go to the "Done" folder
  2. Click "Re-Open" next to the message you would like to bring back.

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