accuMail is a feature of accuRx which can be accessed through our toolbar. accuMail provides a way of contacting other healthcare professionals and services while integrating directly with the patient record (EMIS/S1) so that all communication about a patient is saved in their patient record.

How to get access to accuMail?

To get started with accuMail, we offer short personal onboarding calls where we talk you through how to use and get the most out of accuMail. This provides users the opportunity to ask us any questions and provide immediate feedback!

👉 Sign up for an onboarding call at a time that suits you by clicking on this link 👈

Once accuMail has been switched on for your practice, you can locate it on your accuRx toolbar, by clicking on the "@" icon 👇

You can also watch a short video that walks you through some of the features and functionality of accuMail, you can find this video at the bottom of this article 🎬📚.

What does it do?

  • accuMail lets you send emails about a patient to other healthcare professionals and services.

  • All emails are saved back to the patient record (EMIS/S1).

  • All responses come back to a shared practice inbox and can also be saved to the patient record.

  • Attachments are added directly from the patient record e.g. referral forms.

  • Emails are sent securely via

What can you use it for?

You can use accuMail for any form of communication with a healthcare professional or service.

To get you started though, practices currently using accuMail find it most useful for:

  • Sending referrals into community services e.g. district nursing

  • Chasing existing referrals

  • Contacting local pharmacies

  • Contacting local care homes

  • Ad-hoc messages to consultants and secretaries

Yes, I have this

Great! You can start using this to email colleagues. Find out more on 👉 How to send email with accuMail.

You can also chat to one of the accuRx team on our live chat if you have any questions or need any help. Just click the green message bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this page. 👉

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