You can use accuRx Web to do video consultations with patients. On how to do this, follow the steps below or watch the video at the bottom of this article. 😊

Sending a video consultation invite - Steps

1. Open accuRx Web by clicking on 👉

2. Log in accuRx Web as shown in this How to sign in article

3. You'll now see a window with a "Search" option similar to the one in the image below - Here enter the patient's NHS number and DoB you're looking to call and click "Search"

4. Then, you can send an SMS or to set up a video consultation click on "Start your Consultation" button shown in the image.

If you're seeing errors instead of "All systems go" this article will help you quickly troubleshoot. 😊

5. You'll now see a window similar to the image below, where you can prepare the video consultation invitation to send. You can either send the invitation via SMS or by Email:

SMS: Ensure the "Phone" is clicked and check that the "Mobile number" is the correct one. If you need to edit the mobile number you can do this by clicking on "Enter patient's mobile" and typing the mobile number.

Email: Click on "Email" and under "Email address" enter the patient's email address.

When you're ready click "Send" 🎉

Joining the video consultation 📹

Once you've sent the video consultation invite to the patient, you'll see a window similar to the image below saying "Your invitation has been successfully sent!". In this window you can:

  • Under "Patient's progress" monitor how far the patient is with joining the call.

  • Join the video consultation by clicking on "Open Video Consult" when you're ready. This will open in a new window where the call starts and if the patient has joined you'll see their camera.

You can also see the patient's progress in joining a call, and join the call at a later time with "Patient lists". To access these start a live chat with us and we'll set this up for you right away!

Sending a video consultation invite - Video

FAQs ❓

Is it secure and IG compliant?
Yes, you can see more about all our IG compliance and security here.

If I use my personal phone, will my information be shared?
No, all your information is withheld from the patient.

What devices can I use it on?
You can use it on your smartphone, or a desktop/laptop if you have a web cam and microphone. For more info on network requirements see here.

When does the video consultation link expire?

The link for a video consultation is active for 24 hours. We recommend sending the link just before the consultation starts.

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