Accurx Web is our standalone web-based product which allows you to send SMS messages, start video consultations and view a patients' GP records.

It should be self explanatory as you go through, but here's what to expect when you sign up! 😊

Please go to There are two options; you can use NHSmail single sign on (recommended) or create your own account to sign in with.

NHSmail single sign-on

  • Click on the "Continue with NHSmail button". If you are already logged in to NHSmail, you will be immediately authenticated and be taken to the accurx Web service.

  • If you are not currently logged in to NHSmail, you will be asked to put in your NHSmail email address and password first.


Creating and using your own account

  • Please select "Create account" and click "Sign up.." below the two options.

  • You will be asked for your name, email and to create a password. Currently we only accept email addresses ending in or

  • You will be then sent a verification email to your inbox, which you'll need to click 'Verify your email' and then be asked to sign in.

  • Your account will be reviewed by our team and you'll be added to an organisation.

  • Once you have received confirmation from us you will be able to login to Accurx Web.

If you have any questions, chat with our support team here! 👉

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