This article talks about our accuRx Chain toolbar for EMIS/S1 GP practices.

AccuRx offers additional functionality where local areas are able to pick up the raw cost of SMS sent by practices (currently accuRx foots the bill!). Typically this costs somewhere between £120-180 per practice per year.

AccuRx is a small company, but we have big ambitions to create game-changing communication tools for the NHS across primary care, secondary care and beyond! Chain SMS will remain free, but CCGs covering the raw cost of SMS will help ensure our future sustainability. 💪

What additional functionality is offered?

  • Unlimited use of our Pathways feature. Pathways allows you to schedule a series of delayed messages, for example, to remind patients to book an annual review or a blood test 12 weeks after a medication change.
  • Unlimited use of our lifestyle surveys. These include smoking status, alcohol consumption and BMI and can help you support patients to live healthier lifestyles, particularly those who are harder to reach. 

How do you start paying?

If your CCG or Federation has agreed to start paying for accuRx SMS, they need to follow the steps below:

  1. Decide on a provider (we can quote for BT/EE and Firetext)
  2. If BT/EE: contact with cc’d mentioning that they are happy for a sub-account to be added to your BT/EE SMS agreement. The details they require are your customer name (the name of your CCG), CCG code and a sentence to say this is relating to accuRx.
  3. If Firetext: contact with cc’d and James will send you a form to complete. Typically set-up takes 48 hours.

Want help getting the ball rolling?

If you have any questions or would like help to get the ball rolling with your CCG or Federation please contact Becky (! 😀

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