Chain SMS has it's own template library of about 50 templates that you can use. 

You can browse through them in the 'Template' dropdown list in Chain SMS, where they are categorised under sections:

We have also added a search function to make it easier to find a specific template amongst your own templates, practice templates and our templates. Just click into the box and type whatever you are searching for e.g. Review:


Showing/Hiding accuRx templates

You can't edit our templates, but you can make a copy of them (by creating a practice template) and then hide the accuRx template (e.g. if your practice wants its own DNA message). 

1. Click 'Manage Practice'

2. Click 'Manage Templates' on the web page that opens:

3. Click 'accuRx Templates'

4. Next to each template you can click to 'Show' or 'Hide' it

N.B. If you 'Show' or 'Hide' an accuRx template, this template will then be shown or hidden for everyone in your team. You also won't see our updates to templates that you have hidden.

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