How much does Chain cost?

For NHS staff using SystmOne or EMIS, accuRx Chain is free to install and to use, including the video feature! πŸ˜€

We do currently have a couple of extra features available to CCGs who are covering the raw cost of the text messages. See more on that here.

But, most of the features are free to use and there will always be a free version of Chain! πŸ˜€

We're building other products and optional features that we will charge for in the future, but since our goal is to improve communication in healthcare, right now our priority is growing so these future products can be as effective as possible.

We've been able to get to where we are now thanks to Innovate UK government grants and private investment which has given us some time before we need to start generating revenue. We’re also working with NHS Digital to ensure that our future solutions can be paid for centrally, not by practices.

How much does Fleming cost?

For NHS staff not using EMIS or SystmOne, accuRx Fleming is free to use.

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