1. Check EMIS Web is running and you are logged into Accurx Desktop (by clicking on the menu)

2. Go to menu and click settings - then check the Organisation ID matches the number in the EMIS Web title bar (which is right at the top of the EMIS Web window).

3. If this does not work please see here to make sure you are correctly enabled in EMAS manager

N.B. Even if you have checked or completed this step previously it's worth checking again as these settings sometimes don't sync or can be cleared if your PC is updated

4. If you are correctly enabled in EMAS manager, it is likely that there is a crashed EMIS process running which is not visible. To resolve this:

  1. Go to your Task Manager (Control+Alt+Delete)

  2. Select Task Manager

  3. Click on 'Processes'

  4. Select any visible EMIS processes

  5. Right click and click 'End Process' or 'End Task'

If this still isn't solved, we'd recommend completely restarting your computer, which should clear any crashed EMIS processes that aren't visible to your account.

If you are still experiencing problems please use our chat service in the bottom right hand corner of the screen 😊

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