accuRx Chain toolbar for EMIS/SystmOne GP practices 

When you send a message, it will have a status of either 'sent', 'delivered' or 'failed', which we get back from the mobile network about that phone number. See here to find out what these states mean. 😀

You will be notified about failed messages of yours in the toolbar - see here for more details.

To see all of the delivery receipts for your practice (rather than just your own and just failed ones), you can view the SMS Delivery Receipts page via manage practice:

  1. Click on your initials in the toolbar
  2. Click on Manage Practice
  3. Go to SMS Delivery Receipts

You'll see a table of all the delivery statuses for the messages in your practice, including details of the sender, NHS number, date sent, etc.

Currently delivery receipts are not coded in the medical record and are only displayed for the past 3 months.

accuRx Fleming webpage for other organisations

In Fleming you're able to view the status of messages sent by clicking on the "Delivery receipts" option as show below 😀 

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