From January 2020 all practices have now access to custom message templates, both individual and practice wide. Here's a guide on how to create, save and use templates

1. On your Chain toolbar click the menu button and click 'Manage Practice'

2. On the web that opens click 'Manage Templates'

3. To view your personal templates click 'My Templates' - these are personal to you and cannot be accessed or edited by anyone else

4. To view your practice templates click the tab which has your practice name e.g. The Accurx Practice Templates - these can be seen and edited by anyone in the practice

5. To create a new template click 'Create New', or to edit/delete a template click 'Edit' or 'Delete'

6. Both 'Create' or 'Edit' will open the template editor, where you can add/edit your template and also add a SNOMED code

7. Once saved, any changes should appear in your template dropdown list in Chain:

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